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About the Transportation Support of Vibrating Sieve

About the Transportation Support of Vibrating Sieve

  Please remove the Red Transportation Support of Vibrating Sieve before operation.
  Now let me try to explain what the Transportation Support of Vibrating Sieve is.
  The types of vibrating screens that we usually use are rotary vibro sieve, ultrasonic vibrating sieve, linear vibrating screener, high-frequency vibrating screens, inline vibrating separator etc.
  These vibrating screens rely on vibrating motors to drive the screen to vibrate.
  In order to reduce the vibration force, the vibrating screens need to be equipped with springs. Then how to protect these springs from damage during transportation?
Transportation Support of Vibrating Sieve


  Transportation support of vibrating sieve, also known as protective support, or transport screw, is usually placed in the spring position and plays a protective role during transportation.
  After receiving the vibrating screen, the customer must remove the transportation support of vibrating sieve in the first time during the commissioning process. Otherwise, the machine will jump up and down, which is very abnormal. In the long run, there will be splash after the transport support breaks, or the motor will be broken, which will not only have a great impact on the equipment of the whole machine, but also very dangerous! It is easy to cause production accidents!

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