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Gyratory Screen Machine

Gyratory Screen Machine

Gyratory screen is used for high precision and large-capacity screening for 40 μm~10mm granules. It can be used in the screening of thousands of materials such as salt, sugar, soda ash, silicon sand, ceramsite sand, urea, glass beads, alumina, sand, clay, limestone, flour, milk powder, coffee, cereal, spices, cocoa powder, glucose, starch, ammonium nitrate, phosphate, potassium hydroxide, wood chip, flaking, wood powder, medicines, plastic granule, metal powder and so on.

● Features:
1. Balanced operation, strong structure, durable and continuous operation and low failure rate.
2. Super large capacity (2~150 t/h). And the screening accuracy is as high as 90-99%.
3. Use the bouncing ball to clear the screen and prevent the mesh from blocking effectively.
4. The screen is only loaded in the vertical direction and does not vibrate.The service life of screen is 5-100 times that of ordinary vibrating screen.
5. The three kinds of clips for tensioning screen are easy to disassemble and the replacement of the screen is convenient. The screen mesh is tightened automatically. The top cover is installed with self-adjusting clamp to realize quick disassembly and assembly.
6. Applied to 10mm to 40μm particle grading, up to 4 layers of screens. Can also use a mesh for duplex screening.
7. The whole machine runs smoothly. It can be mounted by seat or suspended.
8. Fully enclosed structure, no dust, noise below 80 decibels.

● Working Principle:
The unique gyratory reciprocating movement at the feed end can quickly complete the material’s spreading, stratifying and separating across the full width of the screen surface, and drive the material granule moving forward.

Material Running Track Diagram

Screen Machine Running Diagram

● Quick-snap Tension Clips make the screen surface tighten automatically and realize the quick and easy screen replacement.
The quick-snap tension clips are used for tensioning the screen automatically. The screen is fixed to the frame by spring head. The entire screen surface maintains uniform tensile force, which ensures that the system has extremely high screening accuracy, reducing the blockage of mesh, and prolonging the service life of the screen. People can quickly remove the screen, greatly reducing the downtime.

Automatically Tensioned Screens

Section of Metal Frame Tension Clips and Sealing Strip

Three Kinds of Clips for Tensioning Screen

● Mesh Cleaning Device for Gyratory Screen:
The bouncing balls can prevent the mesh from blocking. There are bouncing balls under the screen mesh. In the working state, the bouncing balls continuously impact the screen directly to clean up the mesh, ensuring that the mesh is not clogged or blocked during the screening process. The vibration of the balls is helpful to the separation of the material and the glued particles.

Mesh Cleaning by Bouncing Balls 

● The top cover is installed with self-adjusting clamp to realize quick disassembly and assembly.

Quick-open Compensating Clamps   

● Installation: floor mounting and cable suspension.

Floor Mounting   

Cable Suspension Mounting


● Technical Parameters:

Model Screening Area (m²) Layers Power (KW) Dimension (mm)
500*1500 0.75 1~2 1.5 3050*766*1500
1000*2100 2.1 1~2 3 3900*1310*1800
1000*3000 3 1~4 4 4900*1310*1800
1000*3600 3.6 1~4 4 5500*1310*1800
1500*3000 4.5 1~4 5 4900*1958*2100
1500*3600 5.4 1~4 5 5500*1958*2100
1800*3600 6.48 1~4 7.5 5500*2238*2100
1800*4000 7.2 1~4 7.5 5900*2238*2100
2000*5000 10 1~4 11 6800*2500*2100

● Spare Parts: 

Quick-open Compensating Clamps  

Screen Mesh

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