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Similarities of Gyratory Screen and Square Swing Screen:
1. driven by exciter through the general motor, not vibrating motor.
2. designed for higher screening capacity & screening accuracy.   
3. use bouncing balls to clear the mesh.
4. adopt Steel Screen Frame.
5. can be installed by hanging.  
6. the machine is tilted.
7. both are closed.

of Gyratory Screen and Square Swing Screen:

Exciter Position in front of the device under the device
Running Track gyratory reciprocating motion.
Circular motion at the feed end,
and change to elliptical motion at the center,
and straight line motion at the discharge end
back and forth reciprocating motion
Screen Layers 1~4 layers 1~6 layers
Max Screen Size W*L 2000mm*5000mm  W*L 2000mm*3600mm
Screen Size
(Take 1800*3600mm,
3 layers for an example)
First Layer: 1800*3600mm,
Second layer: about 3400mm,
Third Layer: about 3200mm
Installation both floor and suspension are OK  suspension
Suspension by chains by cardan shaft

Advantages of Gyratory Screen and Square Swing Screen:

1. More suitable for 1~4 layers fine screening.

2. The screen is only loaded in the vertical
direction and does not vibrate, prolonging
the service life of the screen.

3. Screen surface automatic tensioning device.
Make the entire screen surface maintain a uniform tensile force, ensuring a high screening accuracy, reducing mesh clogging and increasing screen life. With the clips, we can remove the screen quickly.

4. The quick-snap clamps help to open the top cover easily. 

1. Suitable for multi-layer screening.
Large horizontal amplitude, effectively improving the screening effect of approximate particles.

2. Screen side tensioning device, easy to replace the screen. Just need to loose the screws on both sides of the machine, and pull the screen out.

3. Has access door (or maintenance door). It is convenient to check the screen.

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