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How to improve the sieving accuracy of quartz sand screening

How to improve the sieving accuracy of quartz sand screening

Quartz sand screening machine is also called gyratory screen, the moving trajectory of which is gyratory reciprocating motion. We are the professional quartz sand screening machine supplier and gyratory screen supplier from China. Want to know the quartz sand screening machine price and gyratory screen price? Contact us now.

  Screening Accuracy of quartz sand screening machine refers to the passing rate of screened materials through the sieve mesh.
  For example, we have to screen a kind of material with 100 mesh screen. The material through the screen is qualified material, and the material that not go through the screen is unqualified material. Then there will be a problem, that is, the material that should have been passed through the screen of 100 mesh has not been passed through. This is called screening accuracy.

  Then how to improve the screening accuracy of quartz sand screening machine or gyratory screener?
  The screening accuracy of the quartz sand screening machine gyratory separator is usually adjusted by controlling the time that the material stays on the screen.
  We here reminds you one problem that is often overlooked: bouncing balls.
  For the ordinary gyratory screener, the bouncing ball plays a crucial role in the screening accuracy.
  Our factory actual test shows that when the material stays on the screen of quartz sand screening machine for the same time, the quality and amount of the bouncing balls directly affect the screening accuracy and output of the gyratory sifter.
  If you are worrying about the screening accuracy problem of  quartz sand screening machine, just try to use our self-developed high elasticity and wear-resistant bouncing balls, which are neither rubber balls nor silicone balls. The bouncing balls really play an important role in clearing the screen mesh.
  Besides, we also can provide other types of sieving machine for our clients, such as PVC powder round vibrating screen, flour sifter or flour low-profile vibrating control sieve, frac sand separation equipment, xylitol tumbler screening machine, herbal powder airflow screen, starch centrifugal screen, white sugar gyratory sieving machine, calcium carbonate vibrating screen etc.
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