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Ceramic Foundry Sand Screening Machine

Ceramic Foundry Sand Screening Machine

Ceramic foundry sand screening machine, also know as the gyratory sifter, gyratory screen or gyratory separator, which is a kind of reciprocating sieving equipment for sand multi-layer screening. It is widely used in large capacity and multi-particle size screening of granular materials (100μm~10000μm). The sand screening machine has a high screen passing rate and large sieving capacity. It is applicable to the most demanding screening requirements for activated carbon, fertilizer, frac sand, limestone, petroleum coke, plastic particles, polyvinyl chloride powder, roofing particles, salt, sugar etc.
Features of Ceramic Foundry Sand Screening Machine:
1. The full gyratory motion makes the material full of screen mesh, and makes better full use of screen.
2.Strong structure, continuous operation and low failure rate.
3.Use the bouncing ball to effectively clean the mesh. The effect of anti-blocking is good.
4.The horizontal amplitude is large enough to improve the sieving effect of near-size particles effectively.
5.The action frequency can be up to 300 times per minute, which makes a larger production capacity and a higher precision. High efficiency and energy saving.
6.It can be used up to 6 layers for 7 kinds of particle size. Multiple layers of screen with the same mesh size can also be used for duplex screening.
7.Forward stretch material discharging, easy to collect. Easy to replace screen, only 5 minutes.
8.Smooth and quiet operation, low noise, full closed, no dust flying, environment friendly.

Technical Parameters of Ceramic Foundry Sand Screening Machine:
Layers Model Screening Area (m2) Power (KW)
Dimension (mm)
1~6 AF1000*2500 2.5 3
AF1000*3000 3 3 3900×1700×2000
AF1000*3600 3.6 3 4500×1700×2000
AF1200*3000 3.6 4 3900×1900×2000
AF1200*3600 4.3 4 4500×1900×2000
AF1500*3000 4.5 5.5 3900×2200×2000
AF1500*3600 5.4 5.5 4500×2200×2000
AF1800*3000 5.4 7.5 3900×2500×2000
AF1800*3600 6.48 7.5 4500×2500×2000
AF2000*3000 6 7.5 3900×2700×2000
AF2000*3600 7.2 7.5 4500×2700×2000
Note: The data above is for reference only. Our company reserves the right to modify.


                   the screen is tensioned on both sides


                      use bouncing balls to clean the screen mesh


                                      Screen Machine Running Diagram


                            Screening Diagram

More About Ceramic Foundry Sand:
Ceramic foundry sand, also known as fused ceramsite, is an advanced substitute for quartz sand. Ceramic foundry sand is made from high-quality aluminum-vanadium soil by calcining, electromelting, granulation, screening and other processes.
Shape Spherical
Coefficient of Expansion (20-1000 ℃) 6 × 10-6/℃
Colour Taupe Brown
Particle Size 6-320 Mesh (φ0.053-3.36mm)
Refractory Temperature ≥ 1790 ℃
Bulk Specific Weight 1.95 -2.05g /cm3
True Density 3.4g /cm3
Heat Conductivity (1200 ℃)5.27W/M·K
pH Value 7~8

  Ceramic foundry sand is widely used in resin sand (furan resin, phenolic resin), water glass sand (organic fat, CO2 hardening), coated sand. Suitable for all kinds of metal castings, such as carbon steel, alloy steel (high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron), cast iron, cast copper and so on.
  Our factory can produce many kinds of sand screening machines, such as sand vibrating type screen (rotary sand vibrating sieve, ultrasonic sand vibrating sieve, high frequency sand vibrating screen, inline sand vibrating screen (flow-thru separator, vibrating control sieve), sand linear vibrating sieve, sand dewatering screen, sand probability screen (sand mogensen sieve), wet sand screening machine (round type, rectangular type), vibration test sieve shaker), sand gyratory screen (sand gyratory sifter, sand gyratory separator, sand swinging sieve), sand tumbler screen (sand tumbling screen machine), airflow screen (centrifugal sifter), sand rotary screen (sand trommel screen), feeding and screening all-in-one machine, rotap test sieve shaker etc.

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