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200 Electromagnetic Vibration Test Sieve Shaker

200 Electromagnetic Vibration Test Sieve Shaker

This series of test sieve shaker is the best equipment for laboratory particle size inspection and field screening. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, super hard materials and other industries for particle analysis. It is a simple, efficient and precise screening tool that can reproduce the results of analysis very well.
1. Using advanced powerful electromagnetic vibrator to produce optimized three-dimensional vibration, which makes the sieved samples not only vibrate vertically, but also roll over, so that it can make full use of the screen area to achieve the best result that can be reproduced.
2. With advanced numerical control circuit, the operating parameters such as amplitude, frequency and control time can be accurately adjusted.
3. Suitable for dry screening and wet screening.
4. Low noise, light weight, no need to fix and easy to operate.

Technical Parameters:

NO. Name Unit Data
1 Sieve NO. Layer 1~8
2 Screen Diameter mm Ø200  Ø100  Ø75
3 Particle Size mm 0.028~3
4 Noise dB <50
5 Amplitude mm 0~3
6 Vibration Frequency times/min 3000; 6000
7 Operating Mode Kind 9
8 Power Supply V;Hz 220; 50
9 Power W 200
10 Weight Kg 30

Net Size: 300mm*300mm*700mm
Package Size: L*W*H 860mm*400mm*400mm
Gross Weight: 37KG

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