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What can Centrifugal Airflow Screen do?

What can Centrifugal Airflow Screen do?

The centrifugal airflow screen machine is more suitable for screening materials which are multi-fiber, high viscosity, electrostatic and easy to adsorb, such as traditional Chinese medicine powder, battery material, starch etc.

herbal powderherbal powder

There are some difficult problems in screening Chinese medicine after crushing. 

  1. traditional Chinese medicine powder is sticky, fibrous, easy to reunite, not easy to pass through the screen;
  2. in the process of crushing and screening, the traditional Chinese medicine powder will be adsorbed on the screen bystatic electricity, blocking the mesh hole;
  3. when the traditional Chinese medicine powder is screened by ordinary screening machine, it is easy to fly dust, which not only fail to reach the standard of GMP, but also throw waste material seriously.

You may need a  Centrifugal Airflow Screen to sift Chinese medicine.

battery materialbattery material


Do you suffer from these problems while sifting all kinds of battery materials?
   1. low output, unable to meet production demand;
   2. the life of screen mesh is short, and the process of replacing screen mesh is complex;
   3. the dust exceeds the standard, wastes the material, endangers the employee's health;
   4. equipment maintenance cost is high, such as ultrasonic probe and other wear parts;
   5. metal pollution can not be controlled, resulting in pollution of raw materials.


You may need a  Centrifugal Airflow Screen to sift battery materials.

airflow sieve


The centrifugal sifter is the special screen machine for Chinese medicine powder and battery material. It is the perfect solution to the screening problem for materials which are fibrous, large viscosity, electrostatic and easy to adsorb.

Suitable Material for Screening with the Centrifugal Airflow Screen:

All kinds of starch, glucose powder, xylitol, soybean protein, peanut protein, vitamin c, sorbitol, ganoderma lucidum powder, malt powder, coffee powder, bread powder, flour, Condiments, food additives, traditional Chinese medicine powder, APIs, pharmaceutical raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, glass beads, perlite, silicon carbide, silicon powder, activated carbon, epoxy resin, polyethylene powder, fire extinguishing agent, zircon powder, pigment (phthalocyanin blue, phthalocyanin red, phthalocyanin yellow, yellow lead, high sand ceramic pigments etc.), magnetic material, drill powder, pyrophyllite powder, barium sulfate, lithium manganese oxide, zinc borate, coal ash, silicon powder, glaze, powder coating, pollen, dehydrated vegetable, egg powder, milk powder, soda powder, essence, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, calcium oxide, silicon nitride, alumina, molybdenum disulfide, cellulose, nanograde titanium dioxide, PVC resin powder, barium sulfate, silica gel powder, guar bean gum, calcium fluoride and other powder materials.


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