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Gyratory Sifter

 Overview of Gyratory Sifter:
Gyratory sifter is also called square gyratory screen, gyratory screener, square swing screen, sweco type gyratory screen, gyratory separator etc. 
Gyratory sifter is widely used in large-capacity, multi-granularity screening of granular materials, such as silica sand, frac sand, calcium carbonate, silicon metal powder, ceramic proppant, petroleum coke, activated carbon, graphite, fertilizer, urea, plastics, soybeans, sugar, salt etc.
  Simple pursuit of sieving accuracy will be at the expense of yield, while the pursuit of large yield will decrease the accuracy. Square gyratory screen is a kind of screening equipment with the characteristics of low failure rate, low downtime rate, low cost, and high output, high precision, high efficiency,, which is specially designed for the above problem. 
  Gyratory sifter is widely used in the industries including chemical, metallurgy, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, food and abrasive.
  The screening machine can be equipped with one to five layers of screen, and even 10 layers under special circumstances, which can complete the sieving from 12 mesh to 325 mesh. It can be designed as duplex screening to make it more productive. The design is compact and energy efficient.
Working Principle of Gyratory Sifter:
The total gyratory movement of the square gyratory sifter can rapidly spread, stratify and separate the material. The unique gyratory motion can quickly spread the material across the full width of screen at the feed end, driving the particles move forward contact with the screen surface. The large horizontal amplitude can improve the sieving effect of the near-size particles, and can improve the material handling capacity of the machine.

Features of Gyratory Sifter:
1. The unique gyratory reciprocating motion makes the whole screen surface have the equivalent screening efficiency, which can realize the large yield and high precision screening.
2. Quick-open type hinged door and rapid screen mesh tension system ensure quick replacement and inspection of screen mesh.

gyratory sifter

3. The unique suspension system makes the whole machine run smoothly. The sieving machine itself is less destructive. The basic dynamic load is low and the equipment does not need to be fixed.
4. Vibration exciter is maintenance-free within 2 years. Adopt high quality lubricating grease, high quality sealing ring and high quality sealing bearing.

gyratory screen

5. The dynamic balance drive increases the exciter's rotation speed from 150~180 RPM to 300 RPM.
6. The high speed rotation of the exciter improves the acceleration value of the elastic ball, so that the elastic ball impacts screen surface more powerfully. The screen mesh is not easy to plug, prolonging the service life of the screen, reducing the downtime, and ensuring the continuity of screening.
7. Fully enclosed structure and dust-free.
8. The movement of the screen machine, the screen mesh protection support design, and the effective cleaning of the elastic ball make the screen service life long.
9. Soft running and low noise.
10. Larger capacity. Duplex screening is available.
11. Forward stretch material discharging, easy to collect.
Application of Gyratory Sifter:
  Gyratory sifter is widely used in chemical, metallurgical, abrasive, mining, quarrying, clay, glass, building materials, medicine, food processing, grain, plastics and other industries of fine classification.
  It can be used for the most demanding screening requirements of activated carbon, fertilizer, frac sand, limestone, petroleum coke, plastic particles, polyvinyl chloride powder, salt, sugar etc.
Technical Parameters of Gyratory Sifter:

Model Screen Surface Specifications Power
Amplitude (mm) Operating Frequency (r/min) Leaning Angle of Screen (°) L*W*H (mm)
515 500*1500  
20~60 180~300 4~8 2900*1150*1500
520 500*2000 2900*1150*1900
525 500*2500 3400*1150*1900
1025 1000*2500  
1030 1000*3000 3900*1700*1950
1036 1000*3600 4500*1700*1950
1530 1500*3000 5.5 3900*2200*1950
1536 1500*3600 4500*2200*1950
1830 1800*3000 7.5 3900*2500*1950
1836 1800*3600 4500*2500*1950
2030 2000*3000 7.5 3900*2700*1950
2036 2000*3600 4500*2700*1950
All specifications of this series of screening machine can be equipped with one to five layers screen mesh. Under special circumstances, it can be equipped with ten layer screen mesh.


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