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Round Separator

Overview of Round Separator:
Round separator is also called round sifter, round screener, round vibro sieve machine, round gyratory screen, rotary screen, rotatory vibrating screen, rotary vibrating sieve, vibrating sifter, circular vibratory screen, circular vibrating screen, circular vibrating sieve, gyro screen, gyro sifter, gyratory sifter, gyratory screen, gyratory sieving machine, vibro sifter, vibro separator, vibro screen, vibro grader, classic separator, vibratory separator, vibratory sifter, sanitary separators, filter sieve machine, industrial sifter etc.
  This kind of screening machine does three-dimensional motion. It can be used in food, medicine, chemical industry, metals, mining, abrasive, ceramics, pigments, coatings, electronic materials, pollution treatment and other industries for wet and dry screening, sieving, grading, classification, filtering, cleaning, de-dusting, impurity removal, lump breaking, quality control and so on.

round separator
             Grading & Sieving                      Impurity Removal                 Solid-liquid Separation

Working Principle of Round Separator:
round separator
  Round separator adopts the latest vertical vibrating motor, which produces a horizontal, vertical and oblique vibration of three dimensional, and then directly passes the vibration to screen surface.
  Changing the angle of the upper and lower eccentric block of the motor, it produces different exciting force, and the direction in which the material is running is changed.
Features of Round Separator:
1. High efficiency, refined design and durability. Any powder and mucus can be sieved.
2. Easy to replace the screen, simple operation and convenience cleaning or washing.
3. The mesh is not blocked. No powder flying. And it can be sieved to 500 mesh or 0.028mm.
4. Impurities and coarse materials are automatically discharged and can be continuously operated.
5. Unique screen flame design. The service life of screen is long. Only 3~5 minutes to replace the screen.
6. Small size, not occupying space, and easy to move.
7. The screen of the machine can reach up to 5 layers, but 3 layers are recommended.                                                                        
Technical Parameters of Round Separator:

Model Power
Screen Diameter
Effective Screening Area
400 0.37 350 0.0962 1~3
600 0.55 550 0.2375 1~3
800 0.75 750 0.4416 1~3
1000 1.1 920 0.6644 1~3
1200 1.5 1120 0.9847 1~3
1500 2.2 1420 1.5829 1~3
1800 3.0 1720 2.3223 1~3
2000 3.0 1920 2.89 1~3
Application of Round Separator:
Chemical Industry: PVC, citric acid, electrode materials, resin fertilizer, urea-formaldehyde molding powder, cosmetics, oil paint etc.
Pharmaceutical Industry: lactose, glucose, vitamins, traditional chinese medicine powder, preparations etc.
Metal and Mining Industry: alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, aluminum powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, alumina, glass beads, graphite, kaolin, mineral salts etc.
Abrasive and Coating: aluminum silver paste, powder coating, iron oxide red, laser powder, pearlescent pigment, paper making coating, organic pigment carbon powder etc.
Electronic Materials: fluorescent powder, artificial black lead etc.
Food Industry: wheat bread, bread flour, sugar powder, milk powder, starch, juice, vegetable juice, monosodium glutamate, spices, yeast, seasoning, tofu, ice cream, chocolate powder, potato powder etc.
Pollution Treatment: waste oil and papermaking effluent, effluent from brewery waste water, dyeing and finishing wastewater, activated carbon etc.
Various Forms of Rotary Vibrating Screen:

round separator
                       Standard Type     

round separator
                    With Discharge Gate

round separator 
           Increase of 67% of the Screen Area  

round separator
                              Movable Type

round separator
                        Edge Added Type 

round separator
                 Quick Release Clamp Type

round separator
                  Water Spraying Type 

round separator
                    Explosion-proof Type

round separator
                           Ultrasonic Type   

round separator
                              Clean Type

round separator
             Feeding & Screening All-in-One 

round separator
                With Rotary Brush System

round separator
        PP/PE Material Anti-corrosion Type 

round separator
                       Big Capacity Type

round separator
        Big Type with 2000mm Diameter  

round separator
                        With Iron Remover

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