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Vortex Screen

 Overview of Vortex Screen:
Vortex screen is also called high efficiency wind screening machine, blow-through type high-performance sieving machine etc. It provides continuous dry material screening, achieving the high efficiency micron-sized accurate separation of 25µm~8500µm particles. It is suitable for materials that are difficult to screen with traditional equipments such as vibrating screen, ultrasonic screening machine, tumbler screen etc.. For example, particles with static electricity, materials easy to agglomerate and with light specific gravity, viscous materials containing water or oil and so on. Or it can be used behind the airflow classifier to ensure that the ultra-fine powder is without large particles after the classifier.

Vortex Screen
Working Principle of Vortex Screen:
  The vortex screen controls the particle size precisely through the screen mesh.
  The powder is dispersed in the airflow and through the static screen, so it can accurately screen micron-sized powder, which can not be realized by vibration type sieving machine or air classifier.
  The vortex screen has a great contribution to the diversification, high added value and high quality of all kinds of powder raw materials and products. Furthermore, for the powder with humidity, oil content and electric charge that is difficult to screen and  yield cannot be guaranteed, it is a professional screening machine.
Application of Vortex Screen:
Vortex screen can be used in food, powder metal, chemical, plastic, cosmetics, pigments, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, minerals, electronics, ceramics and other industries.
Features of Vortex Screen:
1. There is no blockage because of the air brush. Thus the vortex screen can sieve smoothly from the granular to the micro powder, and finally to several microns of ultrafine particles.
2. With unique working principle and excellent screen anti-blocking performance, it is almost allowed to screen any type of powders regardless of the specific gravity size, and no matter whether it has the powder properties such as adhesiveness, cohesion, coagulation, fluidity, hygroscopicity and so on, more suitable for screening lightweight and electrostatic materials. It can easily complete the spherical particle sieving that the ultrasonic screening machine can not manage.
3. Fully automatic continuous operation. It can be easily added into the grinding and pneumatic conveying production line.
4. It takes just a few minutes to realize quick screen replacement.
5. High screening accuracy, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.
6. Cover a small area. The processing capacity per unit area of screen is super strong.
7. Slight vibration, low noise, full closed structure, no dust, no pollution.
Technical Parameters of Vortex Screen:

Model Screen Diameter (mm) Power (KW) Weight (KG)
18 458 4 230
30 762 5.5 560
38 965 7.5 650
45 1145 11 820
Examples for Various Powders Processing of Vortex Screen:

Material Soldering Tin Talcum Powder Powder Coating Toner Carbon Powder Wood Flour
18 Model 30 100 50 70 50 70
30 Model 120 420 200 420 200 300
Screen Mesh (µm) 25 75 75 45 75 150

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