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Rotary Brush System

Rotary brush system is also known as scraper system. The rotary brush system is designed to keep the screen clear from clogging during operation, and break up any lumps of particles.
  The rotary brush system can be used for multi-screen round separator, single-layer low-profile separator and noiseless high performance vibrating separator. Rotary brush operates independently to the separator at low speed. Lumps are broken apart by horizontal scraping motions and vertical crushing motions between the brush and screen. Particles too large to pass through are brushed aside to prevent clogging of the screen, improving efficiency and productivity of easily clustered material.

  It is suitable for materials with the following characteristics:
  1. High water content, high moisture level.
  2. High oil content.
  3. Unrefined products with a mix of impurities and higher size distribution.
  4. Products that form lumps easily.
Working Principle:
The vibrating screen with rotary brush system combine kneading, extrusion, cutting, screening into one.
  Scraper vibrating screen, as its name implies, is to accelerate the screening effect and speed that materials through the screen mesh by giving the material an external force, improving the screening capacity of the vibrating sieve.
It is used for material that is static, ball shaped and agglomerated during screening. It can shatter these untrue grains, and get a bigger and faster sieving capacity and a higher screening accuracy.
  The screening machine with scraper is suitable for screening of untrue grains which do not meet the requirements after drying, or screening of powder which has the characteristics of adsorptive, easy to reunite, easy to start static electricity and easy to agglomerate, or filtering of the viscous liquid.
1. Separate and break: suitable for raw, unrefined products with higher size distribution and impurities. Capable of light breaking and separating in one unit, vastly increases productivity.
2. Mobile and adjustable: mobile chassis allows quick relocation. Brush can be raised for fast screen change, cleaning, and maintenance.
3. Simple operation: controlled independently from the separator, via an easily operated control panel.
4. Durable, does not damage screen - brush does not make contact with screen, prevents early wear and tear.
5. Stainless Steel: all contact parts in stainless steel SUS304. Full or partial SUS316L upgrades available.
6. Variable speed brush available on request.

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