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Powerful Vibration Test Sieve Shaker

Overview of Powerful Vibration Test Sieve Shaker:
Powerful vibration test sieve shaker is also called double motor test sieve shaker, lab sieve shaker, lab screen shaker, test sieve machine, standard test screening machine, testing sieve shaker, laboratory screening equipment, motor type sieve shaker, analytical sieve shaker, vibratory sieve shaker, sieve shaker machine, screen shaker, screen shaker machine, electromechanical standard vibrating screen etc. It can be used for both dry screening and wet screening.
The dual motor test sieve shaker is a standard analysis sieve which integrates powder grading and liquid filtration. It is suitable for the precise analysis of particle and powder size structure in the laboratory and quality control room , and for test analysis of liquid solid content.
Features of Powerful Vibration Test Sieve Shaker:
1. Can be used for both dry screening and wet screening.
2. Low noise, high efficiency and high precision.
3. With the new design of anti-vibration clip, assembly and disassembly are more convenient.
4. It can be specially designed with the inlet and outlet pipe models.
Working Principle of Powerful Vibration Test Sieve Shaker:
This series of testing sieve machine is designed for is designed for large batch sample inspection of coarse particles. It has two high efficiency vibrating motors to generate three-dimensional vibration, making the sample full of screen surface and rotate at the same time, so that particles through the screen for separation. The test results are accurate and reproducible.
Driven by two vibrating motors, it generates vertical vibration. And the vibration is passed to standard sieve and material to achieve good grading.

Structure of Powerful Vibration Test Sieve Shaker:
Powerful Vibration Test Sieve Shaker

NO. Name NO. Name NO. Name
1 round handle 6 tray 11 foot
2 tighten handle  7 vibrating body 12 shell
3 clamping ring  8 spring  13 vibrating motor
4 upright pole 9 spring seat 14 cover plate
5 sieve 10 stand 15 control switch

Technical Parameters of Powerful Vibration Test Sieve Shaker:
NO. Name Unit Data
1 Standard Sieve layer 8
2 Diameter mm ะค200/ 203/ 250/ 300/ 305/ 315/ 350/ 400
3 Sieve Size mm 0.045~63
4 Noise dB ≤50
5 Feeding Capacity (one-time) g ≤200
6 Amplitude mm ≤5
7 Time Setting min 1~99
8 Voltage V 380
9 Rotate Speed r/min 1420
10 Power KW 0.18*2
11 Overall Dimensions mm 430*430*1000
12 Sieve Tray Height mm Up to 450
13 Weight Kg 55

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