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Electromagnetic Test Sieve Shaker

Overview of Test Sieve Shaker:
Electromagnetic test sieve shaker is also called lab sieve shaker, lab screen shaker, test sieve machine, standard test screening machine, testing sieve shaker, laboratory screening equipment, electromagnetic sieve shaker, analytical sieve shaker, vibratory sieve shaker, sieve shaker machine, screen shaker, screen shaker machine, electromagnetic standard vibrating screen etc. It can be used for both dry screening and wet screening.
  Test sieve shaker can be used in combination with the test screen to sieve the material with ultra light, superfine, and easy to bond.
  This sieve shaker is widely used in particle analysis of pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, superhard materials and other industries.
Working Principle of Test Sieve Shaker:
Standard electromagnetic test sieve shaker adopts electromagnetic vibrator as vibration source. The electromagnetic vibrator drives the machine base vibrate, and then passes the vibration through the base to a set of standard test screens which is arranged from coarse to fine, high-frequency vibration, up and down. At the same time, the vibration motor (or reciprocating mechanism) installed in the lower part spreads the material.
  The material vibrates on the sieve surface of the standard inspection screen, which makes the material particles smaller than the test sieve mesh hole to be sifted into the lower layer. Such layers of screening make each layer of test sieve only leave the material with the same size, achieving the separation of different granularity and determine the particle size composition of the material.
Application of Test Sieve Shaker:
  Electromagnetic test sieve shaker is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, abrasive, pigments, mines, metallurgy, geology, ceramics, national defense and other industries of scientific research units, laboratories and production control department for solid, powder, slurry and other materials inspection, screening, grading, particle size analysis, sundries content analysis etc.
Features of Test Sieve Shaker:
1. Adopt advanced integrated circuit control, easy operation.
2. 8 pieces of sieves and one piece of bottom cover can be installed.
3. It can be used not only for powder screening, but also for fineness analysis of slurry.
4. Small noise, light weight, no need to fix.
5. The vibration frequency and amplitude can be adjusted effectively.
6. The sifted materials are bounced and also do circular motion, so as to make the screening more fully.
7. The height can be adjusted by the foot margin.
8. Screening process can be observed.
Technical Parameters of Test Sieve Shaker:

NO. Name Data
1 Diameter φ200mm, φ100mm, φ75mm
2 Layer 1~8 layers
3 Mode of Vibration fine vibration, continuous vibration
4 Vibration Frequency 3000 times/min, 6000 times/min
5 Noise <50dB
6 Power Source AC 220V/50HZ
7 Amplitude 0~3mm
8 Weight 30KG

test sieve shaker

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