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Motor Vibration Type Vibrating Feeder

Motor Vibration Type Vibrating Feeder

Introducción of Motor Vibrating Feeder:

ZG series vibrating feeder is a new type and energy saving general feeding equipment. This machine adopts new type vibration motor as the excitation source.

There are many advantages such as simple compact structure, easy to use and maintenance, continuous and uniform feeding, small trough wear, long service life a and so on.

This machine is often matched with vibrating conveyor, vibrating screen, bucket elevator, crusher etc..

It is used in automatic distribution, quantitative packaging, automatic control of the technological process, which is the ideal feeding equipment of metallurgy, mining, electricity, building materials, chemicals, machinery and other industries.

Motor Vibration Type Vibrating Feeder
Motor Vibration Type Vibrating Feeder

Purpose and Characteristicof Motor Vibrating Feeder:

  The vibration feeder is widely used in metallurgy, coal mine, beneficiation, building materials, chemical, abrasive and other industries in the crushing and screening combined equipment.

  Vibrating feeder is used in the production process to give block, grain and powder materials evenly, continuously or quantitatively from the storage warehouse or hopper to the receiving equipment. It can adjust the feeding amount steplessly, and realize the centralized control and automatic control of the production process. It can feed to belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screening equipment, crushers, pulverizers etc., as well as automatic batching, quantitative packaging etc., and can use automatic control processes to achieve automation of production processes.

  The vibrating feeder has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, no need of lubrication and small power consumption, and it can evenly adjust the ore feeding amount. Therefore, it has been widely applied.  It is generally used for loose materials. According to the equipment performance requirements, the design shall be configured to minimize the pressure of the material on the trough body. According to the manufacturer’s requirements, the effective discharge opening of the silo shall not be greater than a quarter of the width of the groove, and the flow speed of the material shall be controlled at 6-18 m/min. For materials with a large feeding amount, a ore blocking plate at a sufficient height should be set at the bottom of the silo. In order not to affect the performance of the feeder, the blocking plate shall not be fixed on the trough body. In order to enable the bin to be discharged smoothly, the inclination angle of the rear wall of the silo is preferably designed to be 55~65 degrees.

Laboral PAGrinciple and Structural Characteristics of Motor Vibrating Feeder:

  The ZG series vibrating feeder is driven by a new type of vibration motor, which makes the sieve body perform periodic linear reciprocating motion along the groove direction to achieve uniform and quantitative feeding. ZG series vibration feeder is composed of material body, vibration motor and vibration damping device.

InstalaciónCommissioning, Use and Maintenance of Motor Vibrating Feeder:

1. When using a vibrating feeder for batching and dosing, in order to ensure uniform and stable feeding and prevent material from flowing, it should be installed horizontally. For continuous feeding of general materials, it can be installed down 10°. For viscous materials and materials with large water content, it can be installed down 15°.

2. Can be tilted down 15° for installation.

  3. After installation, the feeder should have a 20mm running clearance, the horizontal should be horizontal, and the suspension device should be flexible connected.

  4. Before empty commissioning, all bolts should be tightened once, especially the anchor bolts of the vibration motor, which should be re-tightened once for 3~5 hours of continuous operation.

  5. When commissioning, the two vibration motors must rotate in opposite directions.

  6. During the operation of the feeder, the stability of the amplitude, current and noise should be checked frequently. Stop it in time if any abnormality is found.

  7. Lubricate the motor bearings every 2 months, and lubricate once a month during high temperature seasons.

Técnico PAGarametros of Motor Vibrating Feeder:

ModeloFeed Material Size
Self Vibration Source ModelVibration Motor ModelFuerza
Vibrating Frequency
Doble Aamplitud
Exciting Force
Ref. Weight
Single-pointDynamic load(Kg)

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