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Высокочастотное сито для обработки соли с превосходным эффектом очистки сетки

высокочастотный экран

In the process of large-capacity salt screening, people often use gyratory screen, Rotex type вращающийся экран or Sweco type вращающееся сито. However, when using gyratory screener to screen salt, people may encounter some problems, for example: salt is hygroscopic, and it easily becomes wet and clumpy in the air. Thus, people are eager for a new screening equipment with a better mesh cleaning effect to replace the gyratory screen, without reducing production capacity. Our company’s высокочастотный экран came into being.

For the precise sieving of fine salt, our high frequency screen is extremely effective. It is mainly used for screening salt of 0.1mm~5mm and the feeding capacity is more than 30 tons/hour per machine.

High frequency screen adopts small unbalance motors or electromagnetic vibrators to clean the screen mesh. The mesh cleaning effect is very excellent. The external drives allow maintenance even during operation. The large number of drives provides the advantage that production can continue even if one drive fails.

Compared to traditional vibrating screens, our high frequency screens enable optimal vibration distribution on the screen surface and are individually adjusted according to the screening product to achieve consistently high screening quality.

Sometimes, we will use 2 big vibrating motors on the top of the sieve machine as the driving source for a higher feed rates or considering the limit installation space etc.

The mesh screen of our high frequency screen machine is vibrated at high frequency by the movement of a knocker shaft. With this technology, the adhesion of the particles can be overcome, the clumps in the salt can be dissolved, and the particles are not blocked on the screen, so there is no need to stop production for cleaning.

The screen box of the high frequency screen does not vibrate, and only the screen mesh vibrates. No dynamic forces are transmitted to the building foundation or the steel construction.

The high frequency screen adopts End-tension Screen Structure, which is very easy to replace the screen.

The difficulty in sieving salt is that it tends to get damp and clumps in the air. Therefore, if we want to improve the capacity and screening accuracy, we need to work hard to solve the problem of Cleaning the Mesh. Using the high frequency screen produced by our company to sieve salt will give you peace of mind and is your better choice.

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