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Ультразвуковой воздушный классификатор Turbo Screen для сферического графитового порошка

Ультразвуковой воздушный классификатор Turbo Screen для сферического графитового порошка

 Our client send to us 400KG Spherical Graphite Powder to make a sieving test. The oversizes are very little. And they want get much -325 mesh fine powder. After careful study and analysis, we choose our Ultrasonic Vortex Screen to do the test.

   The turbo screen air classifier provides continuous dry material screening, achieving a high efficiency micron-sized accurate separation of 25µm~850µm particles. It is suitable for materials which are difficult to screen with traditional equipments such as vibrating screen, ultrasonic screening machine, tumbler screen etc.. For example, particles with static electricity, materials easy to agglomerate and with light specific gravity, viscous materials containing water or oil and so on. It can be used in food, powder metal, chemical, plastic, cosmetics, pigments, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, minerals, electronics, ceramics and other industries.


1. Fully automatic continuous operation. It can be easily added into the grinding and pneumatic conveying production line.

2. It only takes just a few minutes to realize quick screen replacement.

3. High screening accuracy.

4. With the excellent screen anti-blocking performance, it is almost allowed to screen any type of powders regardless of the specific gravity size, and no matter whether it has the powder properties such as adhesiveness, cohesion, fluidity, hygroscopicity and so on, more suitable for screening lightweight and electrostatic materials. It can easily complete the spherical particle sieving that the ultrasonic screening machine can not manage.

5. Fully enclosed structure, no dust, slight vibration, low noise, no pollution.

Технические параметры:

МодельScreen Diameter (мм)Власть (Kw)Масса (Kg)

   Using our APQ-18 model turbo screen air classifier together with the ultrasonic de-blinding system, the screen surface diameter is 458mm, about 200 kg per hour output. Our client require about 500kg per hour, so we suggest the APQ-38 model for him. And they are very satisfied with this screening equipment because of the small footprint and environmentally friendly.

  Our APQ model turbo screen air classifier can be used in screening fine powder such as spherical graphite powder, talcum powder, activated carbon, toner, wood flour etc.

  Our company mainly produce all kinds of Screening Equipments, such as Rotex type вращающийся экран, SWECO BigMax or GyraMax type rectangular gyratory separator or вращающееся сито, tumbler screening machine, high frequency vibrating screen, Могенсен probability screen, flip-flow screen, banana screen, low-profile inline vibrating screen, centrifugal sifter, vortex screen, airflow screen, air classifier, rotary vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, rotary trommel screen, dewatering screen, wet screening machine, RoTap type test sieve shaker, electromagnetic test sieve shaker etc. Welcome to send RFQs.

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