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1000*3000mm Air Cooled Linear Vibrating Screen for Detergent

linear vibrating screen

We made a 1000*3000mm Air Cooled Linear Vibrating Screen for Detergent for our client some days ago. Air-cooled linear vibrating screen is an efficient and reliable screening equipment, which is widely used in screening operations in coal, mining, chemical, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. It adopts air cooling technology to remove the heat generated by the operation of the screen through air flow, and has the characteristics of simple structure, easy maintenance and high screening efficiency.

Features and advantages of air-cooled linear vibrating screen:

  1. Air cooling technology: air flow is used to take away the heat generated by the operation of the screen machine, effectively reducing the temperature of the screen machine and ensuring long-term stable operation of the screen machine.
  2. High efficiency: with high screening efficiency and output, it can greatly improve production efficiency.
  3. High reliability: simple structure, easy maintenance, low failure rate and long service life.
  4. Wide range of applications: suitable for screening operations in different industries and different materials, and different specifications of screens can be selected according to actual needs.
  5. Environmental protection and energy saving: low noise, less dust, in line with environmental protection requirements.

The air-cooled linear vibrating screen is designed and developed for high-temperature characteristic materials. It can screen the materials after effectively reducing the material temperature, effectively improving the screening efficiency and processing capacity. The following takes washing powder as an example to illustrate the application of the air-cooled vibrating screen. Washing powder is usually at a high temperature of about 120℃ just after production. If it is not cooled down, screening and grading are very difficult, and washing clothes is not suitable for traditional water-cooled cooling. The air-cooled linear vibrating screen is used on the washing powder production line. The washing powder with a high temperature of 120℃ just after production is directly fed into the air-cooled linear vibrating screen through the conveying equipment, and passes through the fan cooling system installed at the bottom of the equipment feed port (the agglomerated materials that do not meet the requirements are screened by the screen installed at the feed port end and discharged from the small discharge port next to the discharge port). The washing powder temperature can be directly reduced to 40-50 ℃ before entering the linear vibrating screen to complete the screening and grading work.

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