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1200*2100mm Stainless Steel Rotary Trommel Screen Machine for Sugar Sieving

1200*2100mm Stainless Steel Rotary Trommel Screen Machine for Sugar Sieving

This is our 1200*2100mm Stainless Steel Rotary Trommel Screen for Sugar Sieving with segmented screens for easy screen replacement. It is equipped with screw conveyor at the discharge port as the client’s requirement. The effective screen diameter of 1200*2100mm rotary trommel screen is 1200mm, and the length of the screen is 2100mm. 24 RPM, tilt angle 7 degrees and motor power 5.5KW.

  The sugar trommel screen overcomes the problem of screen sticking and blocking that occurs when various vibrating screens screen wet materials, and improves the output and reliability of the screening system. Suitable for screening materials of various properties, as well as wet and easily clogged materials such as coal, coal gangue, coke quick lime, etc. The undersize product is 100mm, the middle is 10-50mm, and the fineness can reach below 3mm. This product is well received by users.

  The rotary screen is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a drum device, a frame, a sealing cover, and an inlet and outlet. When working, the motor is connected with the roller device through the reducer through a coupling, and drives the roller device to rotate around its axis. When the material enters the drum device, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the material on the screen surface is turned and rolled, so that the qualified materials are discharged through the screen on the outer circle of the drum, and the unqualified materials are discharged through the end of the drum. Widely used in power plants, coking plants, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining and other industries.

Features of Trommel Screen:
1. The rolling conveying principle is adopted, the friction coefficient is small, and the blockage of the screen holes is reduced through the material rolling.

2. Equipped with comb-shaped screen mesh cleaning device. During the screening process, the material is not easy to be blocked by the relative movement of the screen cleaning machine and the screen body.

3. The installation tilt angle is small and it is not easy to be blocked. It is mainly used for the classification of powdery materials and has a good filtering effect.

4. The entire screening mechanism is designed in a sealed dust cover, which eliminates the phenomenon of dust flying and noise during the screening process.

5. The equipment observation windows on both sides of the sealed dust cover, the end of the sealed cover and the side of the cleaning machine mechanism are equipped with quick opening doors for maintenance, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.

6. The screen is composed of several circular flat steels with high screening efficiency and long service life.

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