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1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand

Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand

Our company can make Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand, 1~3 layers of screens, Max. length 5000mm. It is easy to replace the screen, and it is no need to replace the whole layer of screen when it is broken, which save much cost.

In the production of silica sand or quartz sand, frac sand, petroleum proppant etc., people want to improve the quality of the finished product while increasing the production capacity, which must consider improving the screening accuracy. Most of the users may choose Multi-deck Gyratory Sifter to achieve the purpose of screening. The Max. size we can make for this equipment is 2000*3600mm (or 2000*4000mm). Well, the capacity and screening accuracy of this gyratory sifter is greatly improved compared to the linear vibrating screen, but it also presents some shortcomings:

(1) This kind of screening equipment is too high, which is not very easy to maintain: replace the screen, or replace and repair the exciter (drive part).

(2) Long-term continuous operation (for example, 24 hours per day operation) of the equipment will generate a lot of heat. Since the exciter (drive part) is closed, there will be problems of timely heat dissipation. The exciter is prone to failure.

(3) The front or back of the screen machine needs to reserve a large screen replacement space. Take 2000*3600mm machine for an example, you need to reserve at least 4000mm long in the length direction.

(4) If one layer of screen is broken, then people need to replace the whole screen of this layer. The screen cost is more expensive.

1800*3600mm Rectangular Gyratory Sifter Screen Separator for Silica Sand

For our side door type gyratory screen, there are more advantages in comparison.

(1) It is not very high. The height of the hanging frame is only about 2~2.3 meters. And the screen box height is less than 2 meters.

(2) The drive head is at the front of the machine, which will be easier to dissipate heat. Besides, if the drive head needs to be repaired, the user only needs to remove the drive head without removing the screen frames in the screen box.

(3) When the screen is broken, you only need to replace this piece of screen, and no need to replace the entire layer of screens. Save much cost.

(4) When replacing the screen, just open the door on the side of the screen box. Only a small space is required for maintenance. And it is fast to replace a screen.

(5) The discharge ports can be made at the bottom of the screen box for quick discharge or easy connection with the production line.

Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand

If you want to make a very long side accesss door gyratory screen, the Max. length we can do for you is 5000mm. In this case, the maximum width we recommend is 1500mm. If make the width 1800mm, then the Max. length we suggest is 3600mm. And considering the long term operation of the equipment, we suggest Max. 1500*5000mm instead of 1800*3600mm. Because the 1800*3600mm it too heavy, and it needs to use a very large drive head, which may result in a high failure rate if it is operated for a long time.

Our company can make different kinds of Gyratory Screen or Gyratory Sifter. Gyratory screener can be used for screening sugar, salt, silica sand, frac sand, fertilizer, urea, limestone, calcium carbonate, petroleum coke, activated carbon, graphite, plastic particles etc., , with large capacity and high screening accuracy. If you are sourcing a gyratory screener in the market now, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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