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400mm*2500mm Stainless Steel Linear Vibrating Screen for Plastic Particles

400mm*2500mm Stainless Steel Linear Vibrating Screen for Plastic Particles

This Stainless Steel Linear Vibrating Screen is used for sieving Plastic Particles, mesh size 2mm, 7.5mm, with 3 discharge ports, and only the part that contact raw material is made of stainless steel.

  Our client only require ONE layer of screen, but with TWO mesh sizes 2mm and 7.5mm. AAREAL engineers designed this type of rectangular vibrating screen to meet the customer’s specific requirements. This principle is similar to the trommel screen section arrangement.

  The linear vibrating sieve is driven by two vibrating motors. When the two motors do synchronous and reverse rotation, the vibration force generated by the eccentricity cancels with each other in the direction parallel to the motor axis, and stacks into a force in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis, so the motion trajectory of this sieve machine is a straight line. So people call it linear vibrating screen.

  We can make many different models for rectangular vibrating separator, such as 500*1500mm, 500*2000mm, 500*2500mm, 500*3000mm, 1000*2000mm, 1000*2500mm, 1000*3000mm, 1000*4000mm, 1000*5000mm, 1200*2500mm, 1200*3500mm, 1200*5000mm, 1500*3500mm, 1500*6000mm, 1800*4500mm, 2000*5000mm, 2000*6000mm etc. Please notice that the 500*1500mm here means screen width*length is 500*1500mm, not the machine size.

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