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Airtight Vibrating Screen Machine For Powder Metallurgy Rubidium Iron Boron Powder

Airtight Vibrating Screen Machine For Powder Metallurgy Rubidium Iron Boron Powder

The air-tight vibrating screen is also called gas-protected vibrating screen. It is a vibro screen that can be filled with nitrogen. Nitrogen is added during the material screening process to protect the material from oxidation.

  This sieving equipment adopts stainless steel 304 material, and is equipped with gas protection hoses, anti-static device, and pressure reducing valve to prevent damage to personnel and equipment due to failure to reduce pressure in time when a certain pressure is reached. This equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency and convenient operation.

  The rotary vibrating screen adopts the latest vertical vibration motor, which generates horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional vibrations, and then transmits this vibration directly to the screen surface.

  The basic functions of the three-dimensional vibrating screen machine are:

  1. Fine classification, control the particle size range: Separate and screen solid particles of different particle sizes with a narrow particle size range.

  2. Multi-group grading, control the particle size range: Separate and screen solid particle groups of different particle sizes, and can divide up to 5 groups at the same time.

  3. Coarse screening: separate and screen super-large particles or super-fine particles while achieving high productivity.

  4. Loose powder: According to the process requirements,  the powder can be fluffy, so that the powder mixed with air, easy to mix other materials.

  5. Filtration and product recovery: It can filter out super-large particles in various slurries, or dehydrate solid/liquid mixtures, or recover useful solid particles.

  6. Wastewater purification and water pollution control: it can efficiently recover useful solid particles and purify water for reuse.

  In addition to airtight vibrating screens, our company can also customize vibrating sifter with specific functions according to customer requirements:

  1. Food grade vibrating screen machine:

  The part in contact with the material is stainless steel 304, and the internal structure has no dead corner to prevent material accumulation and pollution.

  2. Mobile portable type vibration screening machine:

  This vibrating screen is equipped with casters for easy movement.

  3. Explosion-proof vibrating sieve:

  Explosion-proof vibration motor or ordinary explosion-proof motor drive, used in the environment with explosion-proof requirements.

  4. Water spray type vibrating separator:

  Add the water pipe nozzle to the AY series three-dimensional vibrating screen to clean the screen mesh in time to prevent the material from blocking the screen, thereby extending the service life of the screen.

  5. Anticorrosive vibrating screening machine:

  The vibrating screen is made of stainless steel 316L or non-metallic materials (such as PP etc.).

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