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How does the Ultrasonic Screen stick to the screen frame?

How does the Ultrasonic Screen stick to the screen frame?

AAREAL ultrasonic vibrating screen generally adopts the adhesive type of Screen Frame (or someone may call it Screen Holder). This video shows how to stick the screen to the ultrasonic screen frame.

1. Spread the screen on the special tooling. (people who buy our ultrasonic vibrating screen, we can send this tooling to them for free)
2. Tighten the screen with a hoop.
3. Cut off the excess screen around.
4. Set aside after cutting.
5. Place the external ultrasonic screen frame in the proper place.
6. Mix the two kinds of glues together and stir well.
7. Apply the mixed glue evently to the outer and inner circles of the frame.
8. Place the screen flat on the ultrasonic screen frame and tighten it up and down with clamps.
9. After drying, remove the clamps and cut off the excess screen around.
10. Get the final adhesive type ultrasonic screen frame.

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