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Multi-deck Linear Vibrating Screen with Pneumatic Cylinder

Multi-deck Linear Vibrating Screen with Pneumatic Cylinder

In industrial production, in order to save the time to replace the screen, some customers will require multi-layer vibrating screen equipped with pneumatic cylinder lifting device, such as tumbler screening machine, linear vibrating sieve etc.

  Take the 5-deck linear vibrating screen for an example. When the traditional linear vibrating screen needs to replace the screen, if you want to replace the third layer of screen, people need to lift all the upper three layers of the screen frames, and then replace the third layer of screen. Then put the screen frames of the third layer, the second layer and the first layer into the screen box in turn. The operation is very troublesome and a waste of time.

  The purpose of the 1000*5000mm Multi-deck Linear Vibrating Screen with Pneumatic Cylinder in this case is for easy screens replacement. Users can only change the screen mesh of specific screen layer according to their needs. Easy to operate and save time.

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