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Round Wet Screening Machine

Round Wet Screening Machine

Overview of Wet Screening Machine:
Wet screening machine is also called wet sieve machine, wet vibrating filter screen, wet vibrating filter sieve, water sieve, water screen, spray type vibrating screen, water spray shaker, water-jet shaker, water spray type vibrating screen, water spraying type vibrating screen, spray vibrating screen, washed vibrating screen, washing vibrating screen etc. It is specially made for some special industries for wet classification.
  For many processing tasks, the use of wet screening is required. The product in suspension is fed by suitable feeding systems (syphon, overflow pipe or similar) onto the screen width. The liquid used depends on the product and when passing the mesh takes along a certain amount of fines to the outlet. This process is supported by the double-frequent direct excitation of screen net which simultaneously ensures smooth transport of the coarse material. The flow forces aroused by the liquid additionally deagglomerates the material. In many cases, this can be boosted by an additional watering device.

Working Principle of Wet Screening Machine:
  The wet sieve machine is equipped with a sprinkler or water spraying device (cleaning nozzle) on the basis of ordinary round separator or linear vibrating sieve to achieve the purpose of desliming and cleaning while sifting.
We install additional water inlet pipes and a number of spray outlets to the dust cover or box of the ordinary vibrating screen shaker, and spray the water with the assistance of the pump.

Round Wet Screening Machine
Round Wet Screening Machine
Round Wet Screening Machine
Round Wet Screening Machine

Features of Wet Screening Machine:
  The sprinkler can spray the whole screen surface and the edge of the screen frame without dead angle or any blind corners, preventing blocking of the mesh and effectively improving the screening efficiency. And at the same time, it eliminates the manual cleaning of the screen surface and the inside of the screen machine.

Application of Wet Screening Machine:

  This wet screening machine is especially suitable for solid-liquid separation, or some super fine powder with high viscosity, and it is also suitable for individual oil separation and other industries. It is widely used in sand and stone field, ore dressing, road and bridge construction site and other occasions where the material needs to be cleaned, sieved and classified.

Tips for Wet Screening Machine:
  Our company suggests that users can set up sewage recovery sedimentation tank to recycle spray water and avoid waste of water resources.

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Round Wet Screening Machine

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