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Вибрационный колосниковый питатель

Вибрационный колосниковый питатель


We are the professional manufacturer of vibrating grizzly feeder, vibrating grizzly feeders, grizzly feeders, grizzly vibrating feeder, vibrating grizzly screen, grizzly vibrating screen etc.

  The grizzly vibrating feeder adopts the blind plate and grizzly bar form of feeding surface, suitable for large block materials evenly feeding before crushing, especially suitable for black or non-ferrous metal ore and building stone feeding before coarse crushing or intermediate crushing.
The grizzly bar gap is adjustable. It can separate the dirt and secondary crushed material at the same time of feeding, effectively play the function of the following crusher.
  It has some characteristics such as simple structure, convenient maintenance, big capacity, high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, low noise, long service life and so on.
  This machine has six specifications. It is used in large-block material evenly feeding and separation before crusher, especially suitable for feeding and primary screening hydropower industry, building stone and black or non-ferrous metals, ore before coarse crushing. This series of vibrating feeder adopts vibration motor as the vibration source.

Product Structure:
  Grizzly vibrating feeder is mainly consist of excitation source (vibration motor), the body, damper spring, front and rear bracket etc.
1. Vibration motor: vibration motor is one of the new type of vibrator combined with power source and vibration source. High efficiency and energy saving, big vibration force, work reliability, simple adjustment, convenient maintenance etc.
2. Body: plate and profile are welded together. Materials will be transfered into crusher through vibration conveying.
3. Damper spring: usually adopt metal helical spring or rubber spring, make the body produce elastic vibration, decrease vibration load transfering to the foundation or structure frame.
4. Bracket: plate welded,  to support the body.

Вибрационный колосниковый питатель
Вибрационный колосниковый питатель
Вибрационный колосниковый питатель
Вибрационный колосниковый питатель

1. Equipment shall not start the vibration motor in the case of no conforming to the requirements.
2. It is strictly prohibited to any lengthening and shortening the grizzly feeder body, and it is not allowed to use the grizzly feeder without installing the damper spring.

Spare Parts:

1.spring (metal spring, rubber spring);   2. lining board;   3.vibration motor

Вибрационный колосниковый питатель

Technical Parameters:

МодельOverall Дimensions(width*length)Аngle of Дip(°)Max Feed Size(мм)Дouble Amplitude(мм)Vibration Frequency (л/min)Емкость(т/ч)Vibration Motor

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