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Vertical Air Classifier for Light Calcium Carbonate Powder

Vertical Air Classifier for Light Calcium Carbonate Powder


Fine powder materials have the characteristics of easy adhesion, small particle size, light weight and easy suspension. Existing domestic rotary vibrating screens and linear vibrating screens are difficult to screen using their gravity, excitation force and elasticity, which can easily cause dust to fly, and it is more difficult to meet technical requirements. In view of this situation, after years of research, our company has developed the latest product specifically for fine powder screening – vertical airflow screen.

  The machine is suitable for screening and grading of various powder materials with 80-530 meshes. Its high screening efficiency, large output, automatic feeding and discharging, continuous operation and no pollution make it easy to perform high-precision screening operations, which is very difficult with various vibrating screens in the past.

  After the sieving of 120-180 mesh light calcium carbonate, 300 mesh heavy calcium carbonate, 400 mesh active calcium, 300 mesh hawthorn powder, 320-500 mesh zinc powder, 500 mesh iron oxide black, iron oxide red, 120-160 mesh Chinese medicine Powder, 180-270 mesh quartz powder and other materials, we have measured that the output per square meter of screen area is about one ton per hour, and at the same time, the screening efficiency is more than 95%, and the air dust content is less than 10mg/m3.

Working Principle:

  Airflow screen rejects the working principle of gravitational potential energy. It adopts air as the carrier. After mixing the material with the air through the negative pressure airflow, sufficient centrifugal force is supplied by the wind turbine blade to spray through the barrel screen. The ultra-light material which can not pass through the screen is discharged by the automatic slag discharge port to achieve the purpose of quick screening.

Vertical Air Classifier for Light Calcium Carbonate Powder


  It is used in graphite powder, resin powder, traditional Chinese medicine powder, paint, coal ash, talcum powder, plastic powder, pottery clay, grinding material, aluminum powder, glass powder, starch, milk powder, metallurgical powder, electromagnetic material, carbon black, activated carbon, light calcium carbonate,  iron ore sand and so on.


1. Fine powder materials in the fineness range of 80~500 mesh are well sifted continuously and with high precision.

2. High screening efficiency, large capacity, accurate fitness, no oversize mixing phenomenon.

3. The screen is installed vertically, with no load, long service life, and suitable for a wide range of fineness.

4. Fully enclosed structure, no dust disperse, low noise, low energy consumption, continuous operation, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters:

Air Volume (m³/h)240~1100300~2500460~4900650-6000
Screen Mesh80~600 mesh
Feeding Size> 40 mesh
Spindle Speed(rpm/min)450-1450
Outer Diameter (mm)600100016002000
Height (mm)1150173023002500


Operation start sequence of airflow screen powder unit: induced draft fan→airflow screen→discharge auger.
The shutdown sequence: airflow screen → induced draft fan → discharge twister.
The dust collecting bag of the bag dust collector should be shaken in time, generally flapping or shaking once every hour.

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