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Vibrating Feeder with New Shaker Conveyor Suspension

Vibrating Feeder with New Shaker Conveyor Suspension

One of our client require a special designed Vibrating Feeder. And we already complete it and are ready to deliver.

  Why is this vibration feeder special? Because this vibratory feeder adopts a new type of spring, not the traditional steel spring. This new type of spring can be called shaker conveyor suspension, or elastic vibration support etc.

  The new type of elastic vibration support has the following characteristics:

1. Efficient vibration isolation. The guiding function provided by the four rubber elastic modules in the support enhances the linear vibration of the screen. Under load, the elastically supported boom structure can produce a large amount of elastic deformation, so the support has a very low natural frequency, which provides efficient vibration isolation and protects the equipment base structure from damage.

2. Avoid resonance. It can solve the resonance problem of the screen body when starting and stopping, and greatly reduce the amplitude and stress generated by the equipment when the vibrating screen starts and stops, so that the screen body can pass through the resonance area in a very short time. Generally, the strong resonance of the vibrating screen supported by the spiral steel spring after passing through the resonance zone no longer occurs after the new elastic vibration support is used.

3. Long service life, strong overload capacity, strong ability to withstand instant impact, and can effectively absorb noise.

4. The installation is simple, and can be applied to the screen body inclined at 30 ° without additional support.
5. Reliable operation and maintenance-free.
6. Applicable to the ambient temperature range of -40 ℃ to + 80 ℃.

  Compared with the spiral steel spring used in traditional vibrating screen, the new elastic vibration support can not only provide similar elasticity, but also avoid the fracture problem of steel spring in corrosive environment or overload, and avoid the irregular vibration and resonance when starting and stopping, which can well control the movement of the screen body. During normal operation, the elastic vibration support can provide a stable and regular movement in vertical and material conveying direction while preventing the lateral swing of the screen body.

  In addition to vibrating feeder, our company also produces a variety of screening equipment, conveyor, bucket elevator, etc. Welcome to visit our website and send RFQs if you have any in hand.

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