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Gyratory Screen

Overview of Gyratory Screen:
Gyratory screen is also called gyratory screener, gyratory separator, gyratory sifter, gyratory screening machine, planar rotary screen, plane rotary screen, rotary flat sieve, flat screen, square precision screening machine, reciprocating screen etc. Driven by an ordinary motor, this screening machine drives the eccentric wheel to do gyratory reciprocating motion. It is often used for screening quartz sand, urea, fertilizer, resin, glass bead, wood pellet, sodium carbonate, melamine, tea, sugar, salt, petroleum coke etc.
Working Principle of Gyratory Screen:
The gyratory reciprocating motion of gyratory screen begins with a circular motion at the feed end, gradually diminishing along the length of the machine to elliptical movement in the middle, and finally to an almost straight-line motion at the discharge end.

Gyratory Reciprocating Motion
1.Circular motion at the feed end
The gyratory movement at the feed end can quickly complete the material’s spreading, stratifying, separating and moving forward across the full width of the screen surface.
2. Changing to elliptical motion at center
The long-stroke elliptical movement can enhance material stratification, improving the screening capacity and sieving effect of near-size particles.
3.Straight line motion at the discharge end
The linear sifting motion at the discharge end has almost no particles jump vertically, which ensures that the material is in constant contact with the screen surface.


Technical Parameters of Gyratory Screen:

 Layers   Model  Screen Size (W*L)
Stroke (mm) Power (KW) Speed (RPM)  Weight 
1 1014 1000*1400 63.5 1.5 960 715
1 1021 1000*2100 63.5 1.5 960 980
1 1030 1000*3000 63.5 1.5 960 1200
1 1521 1500*2100 63.5 1.5 960 1380
1 1530 1500*3000 76 2.2 960 1340
1 1536 1500*3600 76 5.5 960 2410
2 1236 1200*3600 76 5.5 960 2020
2 1021 1000*2100 63.5 1.5 960 1400
2 1030 1000*3000 76 4 960 1840
2 1521 1500*2100 63.5 4 960 1710
2 1836 1800*3600 76 7.5 960 3880
2 1530 1500*3000 76 7.5 960 2780
2 1536 1500*3600 76 7.5 960 3180
3 1021 1000*2100 63.5 5.5 960 2150
3 1530 1500*3000 76 5.5 960 3200
3 1836 1800*3600 76 7.5 960 4170
3 2050 2000*5000 92 11 960 5500
Advantages of Gyratory Screen:
1. unique gyratory reciprocating motion
2. automatic screen surface tension device
3. ball cleaning system
4. double-balanced motor system
5. convenient and quick compensating clamps for head cover

Features of Gyratory Screen:
1. Super large capacity and high screening accuracy, suitable for industrial continuous screening.
2. The effect of anti-clogging screen mesh blinding is good. Especially suitable for the screening of materials which are easy plugging and sticking the screen mesh.
3. Screen service life is long. It is 5~100 times than the ordinary vibrating screen.
4. The soft running does not damage the particles original structure of the material.
5. Three types of screen tensioning spring clips and screen side pull mode. Easy to remove and replace the screen.
6. It is not easy to generate static electricity, especially suitable for the screening of materials those are flammable and explosive, and easy to generate static electricity.
7. Smooth operation, no special requirement for the plant.
8. Totally enclosed structure, no dust, low noise to 70 decibels.

Compensating Clamps:
Compensating Clamps
Mesh Screen:
Mesh Screen
Mesh Cleaning Balls:
Mesh Cleaning Balls Mesh Cleaning Balls
Automatically Tensioned Screens:
 Automatically Tensioned Screens  Automatically Tensioned Screens
Metal Screen Frame, Sturdy and Durable:
  Metal Screen Frame, Sturdy and Durable
Three Kinds of Screen Tensioning Clips:
Screen Tensioning ClipsScreen Tensioning ClipsScreen Tensioning Clips
Installation of Gyratory Screen:
1. Seat Installation:

Forward Type:
Forward Type
Direct Discharge Type:
Direct Discharge Type
2. Cable Suspension Installation:
Suspension Type
Application of Gyratory Screen:
Abrasive: glass beads, slag, alumina, sand and other abrasive materials
Animal feed: feed powder and chips, meat paste and small food
Carbon products: coking coal, graphite, charcoal etc.
Chemical products: hundreds of different compounds
Clay: product classification
Fertilizer: raw material sieving and finished product fine screening.
Including ammonium nitrate, phosphate, potassium hydroxide, urea and other compounds
Food: sugar, flour, milk powder, coffee, cereals, rice, nuts, condiments, cocoa powder, glucose, starch etc.
Grain cleaning: corn, wheat, soybean and other cereals peeling and cleaning
Ore: ore, rubble, limestone, soda ash and salt
Paper: paper pulp, coating
Fiberboard: wood chips, flaking, bits of wood, to make high quality fiberboard
Drug: many large drug manufacturers use our screening machines, which meet the health standard design and GMP, to achieve precise and effectiveseparation and cleaning
Plastic: plastic particles, plastic powder
Powder metal: aluminum, copper, iron, nickel, steel, zinc and many other metal powders
Recycling of resources: used in the recycling of various materials, such as PET recycling etc.
Steel-making: classification of steel shot and metal filing


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