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Balance Eccentric Leaf Spring Vibratory Conveyor for Natural Crumb Rubber

Balance Eccentric Vibratory Conveyor for Natural Crumb Rubber

Our company can make balance leaf spring eccentric vibratory conveyor for natural crumb rubber. And the part in contact with the raw material is sprayed with Teflon coating. This kind of vibrating conveyor can be made into a air cooling type, that is, to achieve the cooling of crumb rubber while conveying. Take 1000mm width and 6 meters length conveyor as an example, if the cold air of 0 °C is used for cooling, it can probably be cooled about 40 °C, and the conveying capacity is about 5.2~5.3 tons/hour.

The leaf spring type eccentric vibrating conveyor is a kind of balanced conveyor. We can make 600mm~2000mm conveyor trough width. And the conveyor trough length can be customized according to the user’s requirements. This kind of long distance vibrating conveyor produced by our company is often widely used in conveying, cooling and drying materials such as salt, sugar, rubber crumbs,  chemical fertilizer, activated carbon,resin particles, polyethylene particles, HDPE powder, LDPE powder, condiments etc.. Compared with the traditional vibration motor conveyors and screw conveyors, it is more energy saving, efficient, easy to maintain, and with low failure rate.

Our company can also make the coil spring fully balanced vibratory conveyor. If you are now in the market for a vibratory conveyor, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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