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High Frequency Screen for Sugar Sieving

high frequency screen

AAREAL can make high frequency screen for sugar sieving, such as refined sugar (crystal sugar), glucose/ dextrose, maltose, fructose, lactose, sweeteners, saccharin, sucralose, stevia as well as sugar substitutes/ sugar alcohols (alditols) like sorbitol, glucitol, hexanhexol, mannitol, xylitol, maltitol, lactitol or erythritol etc.

Why choose high frequency screen in sugar processing?

In the screening of sugar, people often use a Rotex type gyratory screen. Our 2000*5000mm stainless steel and aluminum alloy material gyratory sifter is often used in sugar refinery for impurity removal and grading. The gyratory screener has many advantages over the vibrating screen: the screen has a long service life and it has little impact on the foundation etc.. But as we know, even at low moisture concentrations, sugar tends to stick together, which makes the screening process much more difficult with gyratory screen. The high frequency screen can solve this problem very well due to the high acceleration directly at the screen mesh.

Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand

The screen box of the high frequency screen does not vibrate, and only the screen mesh vibrates. Our direct excitation high frequency screen adopts unbalance motors or electromagnetic vibrators to clean the screen mesh. The stronger unbalance motors are used for coarser separation cuts, the high frequency electromagnets for finer separation cuts. And the advantages of both drive technologies can be combined in one machine.

The high frequency fine screen can achieve an acceleration of the screening material of 15g, even sticky sugar can be screened sharply and clogging of the screen cloth can be avoided. Freely adjustable cleaning intervals with up to 50 g acceleration during the screening process provide automatic cleaning of the screen cloths. The inclination of the mesh allows the sugar to be transported over the screen mesh. External drives enable maintenance even during operation. A further advantage of the direct excitation high frequency screen is the static screen box, which does not transfer the dynamic loads into the surrounding building and minimizes the required energy consumption.

The high frequency screen is a good choice for the screening of fine sugar and sticky sugar, with large capacity and high screening accuracy. If you also have problems in screening sugar, welcome to contact us for a proper solution.

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