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Criba transportadora vibratoria equilibrada perfecta de tres masas de 1800*11500 mm para azúcar granulada blanca

Criba transportadora vibratoria equilibrada perfecta de tres masas de 1800*11500 mm para azúcar granulada blanca

We are the professional manufacturer of Three-Mass Perfect Balanced Vibrating Conveyor Screen in China. Install 1~2 layers of screen on the balanced vibration conveyor, it can be used as a balanced vibrating screen. It can sieve while conveying materials.

   Three -mass perfect balanced vibration conveyor is a new type of balance -type drag link vibrating conveyor developed on the basis of two-mass resonance type. In addition to the advantages of two-mass resonance, the inertia vibration force (dynamic load) that is passed to the base is very small. Low noise. It is suitable for the transportation requirements of long -distance and wider trough body. It has an unparalleled shock absorption advantage compared with other types of vibration conveyors when installating on the floor surface or steel structure bracket.

    The three -mass perfect balanced vibrating conveyor screen is composed of conveying grooves, balance racks, chassis, eccentric drag link driving device, resonance springs, elastic drag link device, vibration reduction springs, screens, mesh cleaning device etc. This kind of vibrating conveyor adopts elastic support form, so that the conveyor trough body and balance body form a perfect balanced two-mass resonance system. The two mass are connected through the resonance spiral springs and the elastic guide drag link. The conveyor trough forms a resonance system with the balanced body under the action of the vibration exciter. The inertial vibration force generated by the resonance system is basically offset in the system. The equipment support chassis can be connected with the installation foundation through the spring vibration isolation system, which can re -reduce the imbalanced vibration caused by the changes of the material flow in the trough. Therefore, the dynamic load of the foundation is very small.

    If the balance body is used as a conveyor trough body, the upper and lower layers can convey materials at the same time. Without increasing the equipments and space, it can be used as two conveyors. Install 1~2 layers of screen in the conveyor trough, it can achieve the grading of materials while transporting.

  We made a 1800*11500mm Three-Mass Perfect Balanced Vibrating Conveyor Screen for White Granulated Sugar for our client. The conveyor trough width is 1800mm, and the trough length is 11.5 meters. Motor power is 15KW (7.5KW*2 units). Only the parts that contact raw material are made of stainless steel 304. This screening equipment adopts silicone balls to clean the mesh. Screening capacity is about 30~50 tons/hour.

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