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Una nueva opción para cribar arena de sílice: criba de alta frecuencia

Criba de alta frecuencia para arena de sílice

When screening Medium-fine particles of silica sand, frac sand etc., people often choose to use a pantalla giratoria because of its large screening capacity and high screening accuracy.

Pantalla giratoria

However, a single unit of gyratory sifter sometimes can not meet the customer’s screening needs of larger capacity, such as 20 tons/hour, 30 tons/hour etc. Now AAREAL provide a new choice for screening silica sand, that is, Pantalla de alta frecuencia, which is also called vibrating wire screens, or screening machines with direct excitation of the screening mesh by some user.

Take the quartz sand project with a daily capacity of 2000 tons as an example. The required capacity is about 85~90 tons/hour. If use a 2000*3600mm Tamiz giratorio compuesto, the single unit capacity is about 10~15 tons/hour, then the user may need 8~9 units to achieve the required capacity. If use our high frequency screen, one unit can complete 25~35 tons/hour, and the user only needs 3 units to get 85~90 tons/hour capacity, which saves much cost, not only cost for screening machines, but also for peripheral supporting equipments such as belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor etc..

Criba de alta frecuencia para arena de sílice

The screen box of our high frequency screen does not vibrate, only the screen surface vibrates. This kind of screening machine uses unbalance motors or electromagnetic vibrating heads to clean the screen mesh. When screening Medium-fine Particles, we can use unbalance motors in the upper screen decks to provide the necessary vibration amplitude to efficiently mix medium to fine grains, and use electromagnetic vibrating heads in the lower screen decks to provide the necessary acceleration for deagglomeration of fine to very fine grains. Both drives have cyclically adjustable cleaning functions, which support a permanent keeping free of screen cloths even with difficult material.

Our high frequency screen has many Advantages compared with vibrating type screen:

  • No clogged screen mesh due to automatic and adjustable cleaning pulses.
  • Environmental protection: dustproof and low noise.
  • It adopts end-tension screen structure. The replacement of the screen is very easy.
  • Highly efficient vibration transmission and low energy consumption.
  • Continuous production. Even one drive is failure, the equipment can also work.
  • Gentle screening. Only the screen vibrates, and the screen box does not vibrate. The dynamic load is extremely low.
  • Long service life due to the static screen box.

In order to feed evenly and distribute the raw materials evenly on the screen surface, we will provide your high frequency screen with a static center vibrating distributor at the feed inlet.

If you are not satisfied with your existing quartz sand screening equipments, you can consider our high frequency screen, which is a good or even a better choice for you.

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