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Banana Screen

Banana Screen

Banana screen applies equal-thickness screening principle and linear vibration theory, adopts advanced design concepts and finite element force analysis and calculation methods, and is equipped with advanced numerical control processing equipment, technology and testing equipment to ensure that product quality and performance are guaranteed.

  The banana-shaped multi-inclination vibrating screen can be used for the screening of materials after coarse crushing, intermediate crushing and fine crushing. It is mainly used for coal grading, desliming, dewatering and de-medium, and grading of sinter and sintered pellets in metallurgical industry and ore in mining industry. It is a large-scale vibrating screen for large-scale sintering plants, pelletizing plants, ore dressing plants, coal preparation plants, and coal washing plants.

Banana Screen
Banana Screen


1.Simple and compact structure, high rigidity and strength, balanced force distribution, and large safety factor.

2.The vibration parameters are set reasonably to avoid the natural frequency of the screen body at all levels and reduce the impact of resonance.

3.Long service life. The service life of the screen body is up to 10 years, and the exciter    more than 60,000 hours.

4.Light weight, low power consumption, high vibration intensity (9-12mm), and high screening efficiency (>95%).

5.Low working noise. Noise level below 75 decibels, running smoothly.

6.The whole machine works stably and continuously for 24 hours.

Parámetros técnicos:

ParametersFeeding Size (mm)Capacidad
Área de pantalla (m²)MotorGrade PointFrecuencia de vibraciónDoble Amplitud
ModeloModeloPotencia (Kw)Voltage (V)(mm)(Hz)(mm)

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