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Tamiz vibratorio rotatorio de acero inoxidable de 1200 mm de diámetro para pigmento de óxido de hierro

Tamiz vibratorio rotatorio de acero inoxidable de 1200 mm de diámetro para pigmento de óxido de hierro

Our company can produce Special Rotary Vibrating Screen for Iron Oxide Pigment, only the contact part made of stainless steel 304 material, diameter from 400mm to 2000mm. For less oversize material or just for safety screening, we can design the bottom frame with a beveled bottom, which could make the discharge speed faster.

 The AY-1200-1S round vibrating separator showed above is specially designed for one of our client. This customer only performs simple safety screening and does not do size grading. There are almost no oversizes finally. Therefore, we only designed a outlet for fine material and made a beveled bottom frame. You will find that the bottom frame is higher relative to the ordinary vibro sifter in the photo above.

  The multi-layer rotary vibating screen adopts one unit of vertical vibrating motor, which produces a horizontal, vertical and oblique vibration of three dimensional, and then directly passes the vibration to screen surface. Changing the angle of the upper and lower eccentric block of the motor, it produces different exciting force, and the direction in which the material is running is changed. It can use rubber ball, silicone ball, polyurethane ball, ultrasonic system, rolling brush etc. to clean the screen mesh. This kind of vibro sifter is one of the most classic Screening Equipment in the world.

  Our factory also can make many other kinds of screening machines, such as RoTap test sieve shaker, Rotex pantalla giratoria, Sweco rectangular BigMax and GyraMax tamiz giratorio, Allgaier tumbler screening machine, Mogensen sizer or probability vibrating sieve, ultrasonic vibrating screen, high-frequency vibrating screen, low-profile inline vibrating control screen, centrifugal sifter, dewatering screen, rotary trommel screen etc. Welcome to send RFQs if you have any.

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