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Tamiz giratorio sin eje de acero inoxidable para cribado en húmedo de dióxido de titanio

Tamiz giratorio sin eje de acero inoxidable para cribado en húmedo de dióxido de titanio

There are two kinds of rotary trommel screens: shaft type and shaft-less type.

 The trommel screen overcomes the problem of screen sticking and blocking that occurs when ordinary vibrating screen sift wet materials, improves the output and reliability of the screening system, and is suitable for screening materials of various properties, as well as coal, coal gangue, and coke production. Moist and easy to block materials such as slaked lime, the product under the sieve is as thick as 100mm, the middle is 10-50mm, and the thickness can be less than 3mm. It is a good choice for the classification of refractory materials, coal, sand, sandstone block, limestone, metallic or non-metallic minerals etc.

Other Namesrotary screen, rotary sifter, trommel screen, drum screen, revolving screen, cylinder round sifter etc.
Movimientorotary centrifugal movement
Fuente de alimentacióngeneral motor and reducer
Typeclosed type, open type; with shaft, shaftless design
Formahexagonal, cylindrical
Angle of Inclination5°~7°
MaterialAcero al carbono, acero inoxidable 304, 316L, etc.
Advantagesovercome the screen mesh plugging problem caused by circular vibrating screen and linear screen in the process of screening wet materials
Característicashas strong adaptability to materials. Material that is sticky, with high humidity, dirty and miscellaneous can be screened
Solicitudsugar, sand, gold, quicklime, refractory materials, coal, wood chips etc.

 Shaftless trommel screen and shaft trommel screen are mainly selected according to different materials.

(1) Shaft trommel is mainly used for input separation of large and small lump materials in stone plants, sand and gravel plants and mineral processing industries.

(2) Shaftless drum screen is mainly used for grading processing of belt-shaped and strong winding materials, used for the classification of refractory materials, coal, fertilizers, sandstones, and coal, coke, white ash, placer gold, etc. The selection of materials makes the product structure more even to meet production needs.

Principio de funcionamiento:

The main structure of rotary trommel screen is sieving cylinder, which is composed of several circular shape of the screen. The whole and ground plane is in heeling condition. External sealed the isolation cover seal is to prevent the pollution of the environment. The speed reducing system enables the screening cylinder rotates at a certain speed. Thus the material is separated by sieving cylinder from top to bottom. Afterwards fine material is discharged from the lower front part of sieving cylinder. While coarse material discharged from the tail end of the screening cylinder.

Main Features of Trommel Screen:

1. The sieve holes are not easy to be blocked.

2. It runs smoothly and has low noise.

3. The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient.

4. The screening cylinder can be closed, which is easy to seal and collect dust.

5. The whole machine has high reliability and less one-time investment.

6. The special screen is adopted, which has high screening efficiency and long service life.

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