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Clasificador de aire de pantalla Turbo para cribar cuentas de circonio de malla 200

Clasificador de aire de pantalla Turbo para cribar cuentas de circonio de malla 200

Our company can make Turbo Screen Air Classifier for Screening 200 Mesh Zirconia Bead. Our client uses Criba vibratoria ultrasónica to sift 200 mesh zirconia bead before, but the capacity and accuracy is very low. Our turbo screen air classifier is mainly used to solve the problem of material that is difficult to screen with ultrasonic separator, tumbler screen, or common air classifier etc. For example, particles with static electricity, materials easy to agglomerate and with light specific gravity, viscous materials containing water or oil and so on. Or it can be used behind the airflow classifier to ensure that the ultra-fine powder is without large particles after the classifier.

Some features about our turbo screen air classifier:

1. There is no blockage because of the air brush. Thus the turbo screen air classifier can sieve smoothly from the granular to the micro powder, and finally to several microns of ultrafine particles.

2. With unique working principle and excellent screen anti-blocking performance, it is almost allowed to screen any type of powders regardless of the specific gravity size, and no matter whether it has the powder properties such as adhesiveness, cohesion, coagulation, fluidity, hygroscopicity and so on, more suitable for screening lightweight and electrostatic materials. It can easily complete the spherical particle sieving that the ultrasonic screening machine can not manage.

3. Funcionamiento continuo totalmente automático. Se puede agregar fácilmente a la línea de producción de molienda y transporte neumático.

4. Solo lleva unos minutos realizar un reemplazo rápido de la pantalla.

5. Alta precisión de detección, baja tasa de fallas y mantenimiento conveniente.

6. Cubra un área pequeña. La capacidad de procesamiento por unidad de área de pantalla es súper fuerte.

7. Ligera vibración, bajo nivel de ruido, estructura completamente cerrada, sin polvo, sin contaminación.

Our turbo screen air classifier has been widely used in the screening of battery materials such as grafito esférico etc. If you also have problem in screening such fine material, just contact us.

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