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High Frequency Vibrating Wire Screens for Nitrogen Phosphorus

High Frequency Vibrating Wire Screens for Nitrogen Phosphorus

One of our clients from Indonesia inquired about high frequency vibrating wire screens for nitrogen phosphorus potassium NPK fertilizer. This equipment has an obvious feature: the screen surface vibrates, and the screen box basically does not participate in the vibration. Our client required about 20~25 tons per hour capacity. We suggest our 2AWS1230 model for them.

    Our AWS model high frequency vibrating wire screen is designed and manufactured by absorbing advanced technology from the United States. The vibration motor is used as the vibration source to pull the screen mesh to vibrate. On the one hand, it can prevent the screen from being blocked, and at the same time, the material can be thrown up and bounce forward to achieve classification, so the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen is high. It is suitable for classification of loose compound fertilizer and other loose fine materials.


  1. Sealed and dustproof, easy to maintain.
  2. The amplitude of the screen machine is adjustable, and the screening efficiency is high.
  3. Large production capacity, small dynamic load and low noise.

Working Principle:

The high frequency vibrating wire screens adopt a new principle, the screen surface vibrates, and the screen box basically does not participate in the vibration. The exciting force drives the vibration system to excite the screen surface. The vibration system is designed to work in a near-resonance state, and a small driving force can be used to achieve the required working parameters and saving energy. In addition, the high-frequency vibration of the screen surface, the amplitude of 1-4mm, can reach 8-10 times the acceleration of gravity, which is 2-4 times the vibration intensity of general screening equipment, so it does not block the screen holes. With strong self-cleaning ability of the screen surface, high screening efficiency and large processing capacity, it is very suitable for the screening of fine particle materials.

Technical Parameter:

ModelScreen SurfaceFeeding Size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (kW)
LayersScreen Area (m2)Mesh Size  (mm)
2AWS123022×3.6Upper Layer: 4×50Lower Layer: 1.4×50≤6030-350.85×2
2AWS124522×5.4Upper Layer: 4×50Lower Layer: 1.4×50≤6045-600.85×3
2AWS126022×7.2Upper Layer: 4×50Lower Layer: 1.4×50≤6060-900.85×4
2AWS166622×9.6Upper Layer: 4×50Lower Layer: 1.4×50≤60100-1200.85×4
2AWS245222×12.5Upper Layer: 4×50 Lower Layer: 1.4×50≤60150-1800.85×4

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