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Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Separator for Battery Materials

Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Separator for Battery Materials

The ultrasonic vibrating screen separator for battery materials is designed to solve the problem that the general rotary vibrating screen can not effectively sift for some fine materials.

Ultrasonic Screen Frame

The birth of ultrasonic vibrating separator also solves the phenomenon of blocking the screen mesh of the round separator. The rotary vibrating sieve uses an ordinary bouncing ball to hit the screen surface, and its hitting force is small, while the ultrasonic transducer always produces a strong vibration to the screen or the transducer is set according to the characteristics of the material. The frequency of the screen surface keeps the mesh surface of the ultrasonic vibrating screen in a state of being bombarded, and the contact time between the material and the screen surface is short. Therefore, the phenomenon that the material has static electricity and is easy to stick to the screen is solved. This change not only effectively prevents the screen from blocking the screen, but also enables the screening machine to increase the output and change the product quality of the material.

Features and structure of ultrasonic vibrating screen for battery materials:

Ultrasonic vibrating screen for battery materials is a new type of vibrating screening equipment, which is characterized by small size, light weight, free movement, and high screening accuracy, large output (1-10 times that of ordinary round sieves), fully enclosed design without dust pollution, clean and elegant appearance, no secondary pollution to materials, and sanitary and anti-corrosion.  

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