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Factors Affecting Vibrating Screen Efficiency

Factors Affecting Vibrating Screen Efficiency

As a special screening equipment, the rotary vibrating sieve is widely used in various fields, mainly for powder material screening. The following methods can effectively improve the round vibrating screen efficiency.

1. Remove the transport support of Round Separator:
In order to avoid the damage caused by the sloshing of the screening equipment during the transportation, the round sifter manufacturer install the support frame. The support frame is installed on the side of the vibrating spring and must be removed when used the sieving machine for the first time. If the supporting frame is not removed, there will be a certain screening effect for the vibro sieve, but it will seriously affect the production efficiency of the round gyratory screen. In addition, the hardware damage of the circular vibrating screen is more serious, so users should pay attention to the removal of the support frame.

2. Changing phase angle of motor of the Circular Vibrating Screen:

The gyro screen adopts vertical vibration motor as the excitation source. The eccentric device of the vibro screen machine is installed on both sides of the vibrating motor. And adjusting the eccentric block reasonably is the key factor to improve the screening efficiency. But everything is relative. When the efficiency of the sifting machine is improved, the screening accuracy is reduced, so the angle of the eccentric block should be controlled according to the different properties of the material. Under normal conditions, the eccentric block for large particle size is controlled at about 25 degrees, and the fine powder material is controlled at about 45 degrees.

3. Screen surface area of the Sifter:

Many users have a misconception that the larger the screening area of the round screener, the higher the production efficiency. In fact, that is not the case. The biggest advantage of choosing and purchasing rotary vibrating sieving machine is that the screening accuracy is high, but the production efficiency of the sieve shaker is not great. It's not that the larger the diameter, the higher the productivity for the vibrating separator. The reason is that the material on the sieve do the involutive diffusion movement, and the center position of the feed is fixed and cannot be changed, so the production efficiency is not very different. It is suggested that the 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm models of round vibrating sifter should be the most suitable for the selection and purchase of the circular vibratory sieve.

4. Material thickness of the Rotary Sifter:

Usually the stainless steel 304 is used in the manufacture of rotary vibration sieve. Due to the high cost of stainless steel, some small-scale manufacturers reduce the thickness of materials as much as possible to save costs. This will easily lead to low production efficiency and low screen passing rate. Therefore, users should pay attention to the following components in the selection of round sieve shaker: screen frame, grid frame, flange and motor power these key factors.

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